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God is always at work building His church. He pledged His eternal faithfulness to His people and promised that nothing, not even the gates of hell, could prevail against them (Matt 16:18). Yet, the conversation regarding the church in our day often sounds like a scene from a horror story. We bemoan the infighting, lethargy, liberalism and decline seen in far too many churches across our land. This discouraging narrative is sadly the normative message we hear. And, in a sense it is true. The church in North America faces a host of theological and missiological challenges in the days ahead. The culture has changed and, sadly, many churches have faltered.

But, that is only one side of the story. God has sovereignly chosen to place a wide assortment of missionaries to lead His church into the future. Fueled by a passion for the glory of God, these men and women trust God to continue to build His Church and want to do their part to rewrite the story of the Church in our day. Some of these individuals are schoolteachers, lawyers, plumbers and politicians who steward their God-given gifts to declare and demonstrate the good news of Jesus in the various domains of our society. Some are college students who have heard God’s call and given their lives to take the gospel to dark corners of the world. Some are existing church pastors who are not content to sulk about the state of the church or merely reminisce about the good ole days—they want to be a part of rebuilding the missionary fervor and theological faithfulness of God’s Church. Others are young church planters who trust God to use their feeble efforts to make disciples in locations ranging from urban to rural, and everything in between. Some are young, some. . . well, not so much. Some are rich, while some don’t know where they will get their next meal. All of these faith witnesses represent scores upon scores of diverse ethnicities.

This is the church in our day. Amid the ever-increasing secular culture, God is raising up a wide array of Christ followers to do what He has been doing since the Fall—calling men and women back into right relationship with Him through the person and work of Jesus Christ. God’s kingdom rule and reign is seen on this earth as His glory is proclaimed and people respond in awe-struck worship. His kingdom mission is far greater than any singular individual or any isolated church.

We, at the North American Mission Board, seek to serve as catalysts for this kingdom mission through the local church. We want to come alongside churches with a passion to change the narrative of the church in North America and fuel their efforts with our prayers, strategy, resources and leadership. We believe the story of the Church is far from over.

Rewriting the story is a massive undertaking. It will take the creation of thousands of new churches, the revitalization of dying churches, the sending of passionate missionaries to the places deemed unreachable and the training of leaders capable of equipping the saints for this vital work.  Yet, we serve a big God who has given the Church all it needs to accomplish this kingdom work. It will require all of us—established churches and church plants, seasoned pastors and church planters, men and women, retirees and college students. All Christ-followers can work together to see God’s kingdom come in power, and, in so doing, change the story of the Church in our day.

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Date Created: 3/10/2016 12:36:22 PM