Disaster Relief

With a hot shower and a hot meal. With a prayer. With love. All over America, we help people to clear away the debris, the mud and the ashes. We make God’s love real to those who desperately need it. We are 65,000 strong. We are trained and ready to respond to disaster and devastation with help, with healing and with hope. We are Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, and last year our members gave 59,583 of their days in the aid of people all over America — from wildfire victims in California to hurricane victims in Manhattan.

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Disaster Relief Training Dates

Training will include:
- Intro to Disaster Relief
- Intro to Feeding
- Intro to Recovery (Chainsaw/Flood Recovery)
- Intro to Shower and Laundry
Update/Refresher (Required every 3 years) (Friday Night Only is required but all are welcome on Saturday). If your ID card has an expiration date or the date is 2016 or earlier you should plan to attend.
ID Cards will be issued after training and background check is complete.

(Registration closes April 20, 2017)

  • High Point Community Church, 1163 Main Rd, Corfu, NY 14036

Registration Form

Registration closes April 27, 2017)

  • Church at the Gateway, 200 Boscombe Ave, Statin Island, NY 10309

Registration Form
(Registration closes May 31st-June 1st, 2017)
Grace Baptist Church, 8553 Turin Rd, Rome, NY 13442
Registration Form
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Disaster Relief Contacts

Michael Flannery || Coordinator
716-432-5333 (cell)

Mark Banks || Task Force
716-983-7177 (cell)

Our Units

The BCNY has the following units available for Disaster Relief.

A Feeding Unit capable of serving 10,000-15,000 meals a day is located at the State Office of the BCNY.

A Recovery –Chainsaw/Mud Out Unit is located at the State Office of the BCNY.

A Recovery – Mud Out Unit is located at the State Office of the BCNY

A Recovery Unit owned by the New Jersey Net Association
A Shower Unit owned by the Hudson Association