BCNY WOW Women is a convention-wide strategy. Its purpose is to support women’s groups in churches which encourage women to support missions, participate in local community ministry, equip and encourage in personal evangelism, and strive toward a more intimate relationship with God through Bible study, prayer and enrichment activities. For more information on Women’s Missions/Ministry contact Cathy Meyer 800.552.004 or email (

A special event is different than ongoing groups. It’s a one time gathering that focuses on a particular issue or theme. While you may do things to make it extra special, planning an event with purpose takes intentionality and time. Remember special events offer a unique opportunity to invite unchurched women to hear the gospel and to develop relationships with Godly women who will help draw them into a more intimate relationship with Christ. Below you can download some theme ideas you can use as you plan your next event.

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The BCNY Women’s office is happy to be able to rent out new books and bible studies. The rental fee for all DVD Bible studies is $25. This fee helps us keep resources in stock and replace damaged, worn or lost DVDs.
Please click the button below to contact Cathy Meyer for a listing of resources that are available. (We try hard to keep this updated, but we will contact you if a study is not available.) You may reserve a resource by Contacting Cathy Meyer.

Please use the button below to contact Cathy Meyer to request a resource reservation. Once we process your request, we will communicate with you regarding resource availability and you will receive an email confirming availability. We suggest you do not proceed with book purchases or announcements of the study until you receive this confirmation. Please note: our resources are only available for check out to Affiliated BCNY Territory churches.

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We firmly believe that an effective women’s ministry includes the following aspects: prayer,
discipleship, evangelism, missions and building community.

Benefits of a Women’s Ministry 

1. Women will grow in their relationship with the Lord.

2. Your church will grow.

3. New members will find their niche.

4. Meaningful relationships form.

5. Women are encouraged to discover, develop and use spiritual gifts.

6. Each women is important to God and it is important to minister to her.

7. Coordination and organization are provided for inreach and outreach to women.

8. Women receive woman-to-woman understanding and lay counseling.

9. Older women mentor younger women.

10. Families are affected when women are drawn closer to the Lord.