Bible Study / Discipleship

Bible Study / Discipleship

The Great Commission commands us to “go and make disciples.” Your Bible Study/Discipleship ministries are the most powerful tool in developing people to reach the lost for Jesus. Whether you have Sunday School as part of your Sunday activities or home Bible Study groups throughout the community you are making disciples who can make disciple. The Church Growth Team is available to partner with you in increasing the effectiveness in your church for maximum impact for the Kingdom of God.

Sunday School continues to prove itself as an effective tool for reaching people for Christ and for teaching people His word.

This time-proven fact compels the Church Growth Division to make Sunday School a primary focus. We partner with
– Associations
– Churches
– Church Leaders, and
– LifeWay Church Resources
to offer a variety of training opportunities and materials to train and equip Bible Study Leaders to be the best they can be.

The staff of the Church Growth Division can tailor a training event for the needs your church has in its Bible teaching ministry. Well-trained and experienced volunteers from around the state as well as LifeWay consultants and BCNY staff members join together in helping train, encourage and inspire your Bible Study Leaders. Contact Steve Sallis at 315-380-0458 or
Sunday School? Small Group? Whatever the need, the purpose or the group, LifeWay Christian Resources probably has a curriculum piece that will serve your situation well. Navigating the choices and finding the right one can sometimes be difficult. The Church Growth team is willing to assist you in finding just the right Bible study material for your group. Below you will find an overview of the curriculum with each image linking to more info.

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There are many ways in which BCNY’s Church Growth team can partner with your pastor and leaders for a Sunday School consultation. While a few examples are listed below, the team will work with your leaders to develop the most effective format for your church.

Church Growth team member(s) will attend your Sunday School and worship service, observe each group in action then meet with leaders to discuss their findings.
Over a four-week period, Church Growth team member(s) will attend your Sunday School and worship service, observing a specific age division (preschool/children/youth/adult) each week. The consultant will meet with the age-group leaders they observed that Sunday.
A Church Growth consultant will attend and observe your Sunday School and worship service one Sunday per month for six months. Each Sunday he is there, the consultant will meet with all Sunday School leaders for planning, evaluation and training.

During a pre-consultation observation and evaluation of your Sunday School, a Church Growth team member will concern himself with a variety of issues such as:
– Safety and security;
– Starting and ending times;
– Arrival times of leaders;
– Teacher preparation;
– Building readiness;
– First impressions;
– Greeters and greetings;
– Parking Lot/Outdoor issues; and  Any specific issue requested.

There are as many options for training Sunday School leaders as there are Sunday School leaders to be trained!
While that statement isn’t exactly true, hopefully it illustrates the variety of training opportunities available to your leaders.
The Church Growth team will work with your Sunday School leadership to design training that meets the particular needs of your leaders and the purposes you want to fulfill.
The Church Growth team will help you determine the training needs to be addressed and will tailor the training to fit your situation.
Training events take a variety of formats such as:

 A Friday Evening and Saturday morning;
– Saturday morning through Saturday afternoon;
– Sunday afternoon after worship;
– All Sunday School leaders trained together in a large-group setting;
– Training for individual age groups – preschool, children, youth, adults
– At your church
– In a retreat setting;
– Your church only;
– Churches within a given area; or
– Churches within a given culture group.

We believe that Jesus is all about transforming the heart and the mind, and that the very best opportunity for that to happen is in a small group setting. Whether you lead a home group, or even lead a Bible study under a tree before worship; God is using you to help make disciples who love Jesus, love their church, and want to share the message of Jesus Christ with the world. Our ministry is to provide resources and training that assists Bible study leaders to develop disciples that impact lostness in their neighborhoods.
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