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Women’s Ministry

Women need relationships with other women. They need godly role models: wiser, more spiritually mature women after whom to pattern their lives. An effective ministry does not alienate itself from other ministries in the church. But just as many churches have children’s ministry, student ministry and senior adult ministry, women’s ministry ministers to women!

BCNY WOW Women is a convention-wide strategy. Its purpose is to support women’s groups in churches which encourage women to support missions, participate in local community ministry, equip and encourage in personal evangelism, and strive toward a more intimate relationship with God through Bible study, prayer and enrichment activities. For more information on Women’s Missions/Ministry contact Cathy Meyer 800.552.004 or email (Cmeyer@bcnysbc.org) or use the button below to sign up to our email list.

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Do you have a vision for reaching women and discipling them for life change? Is God stirring the hearts of the women in your church, creating within them a hunger for serving Christ? Then maybe God is preparing your heart and the heart of your church to begin a women’s ministry. But why should your church have a women’s ministry?

Women need relationships with other women. They need godly role models: wiser, more spiritually mature women after whom to pattern their lives. An effective ministry does not alienate itself from other ministries in the church. But just as many churches have children’s ministry, student ministry and senior adult ministry, women’s ministry ministers to women!

So… you believe God has laid it on your heart to begin a women’s ministry in your church. But the main question you may have is “How do I start?” and “Where do I begin?” Below are answers and some steps to take!

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When leading women’s missions and ministries in your local church, it’s important to keep in

mind that God did not intend for one woman to carry the ministry. While you may be called

upon to be the point person, effective ministry is done with a team. So, how do you develop an

effective team?

1. Pray. Ask God to lead you to pray for women who share a passion and desire to minister to

other women. Pray for diversity of ages, spiritual gifts and talents. You’ll need them all!

2. Ask. Many times women are just waiting to be asked to serve. Begin with a personal phone

call and see if God might be working in their heart as well. If the women you ask do not

favorably respond, just know someone else is waiting for you to call them next.

3. Meet. A team that functions well together, must learn how to pray together, meet together and

even play together. Set aside a specific time, whether it be monthly or more, and begin sharing

ideas of how to build your team.

4. Train. Look for opportunities to build your team with equipping and training opportunities.

5. Delegate Responsibilities. As you discern talents and gifts, assign tasks to each person on the

team. Commitment requires action. What responsibilities should you delegate? While every

church is different, here are some possibilities to consider: hospitality, events, discipleship,

missions, prayer, publicity, evangelism/outreach and childcare.

6. Create a covenant. Ask each woman to sign a covenant between the leader and the team

which solidifies their commitment to the ministry and the team. Ask your team members to

commit to a specific time period – usually one year.

7. Evaluate. After your team has met for a year, evaluate its effectiveness. Make adjustments.

Meet with women who might need to reconsider their commitment the following year.

8. Pray again! Always be on the lookout for potential future leadership and team members.

Keep a list of those names and pray for them over the year when you need to enlist new team


Would you like to have personal consultation on building an effective ministry team? Contact

Cathy Meyer, Women’s Missions/Ministry, at 800-552-0004 or cmeyer@bcnysbc.org. We can

set up a time to meet with your leadership team.

Whether you are beginning a Women’s Ministry or evaluating your present ministry, one of the most important tools you can use is an assessment survey. While it’s impossible for us to design a survey that’s perfect for your church, here are some questions and guidelines when developing a way to hear the heartbeat of the needs of the women in your church. (This sample survey is designed for women already attending your church – not unchurched women in your community)

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Is it time to take a hard look at where your women’s ministry has been and where it needs to go in the future? Then it’s time to rethink and revision!

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Trafficking is a global epidemic. 100,000-300,000 women, men and children are sex-trafficking victims in the United States. Only 4,500-17,500 sex trafficking victims come from other countries. It can take place at a market, in your neighborhood, at a hotel- it can happen ANYWHERE. Contact the convention to find out how you can help. Use the buttons below to find out how you can help.

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We firmly believe that an effective women’s ministry includes the following aspects: prayer,
discipleship, evangelism, missions and building community.

Benefits of a Women’s Ministry 

1. Women will grow in their relationship with the Lord.

2. Your church will grow.

3. New members will find their niche.

4. Meaningful relationships form.

5. Women are encouraged to discover, develop and use spiritual gifts.

6. Each women is important to God and it is important to minister to her.

7. Coordination and organization are provided for inreach and outreach to women.

8. Women receive woman-to-woman understanding and lay counseling.

9. Older women mentor younger women.

10. Families are affected when women are drawn closer to the Lord.

For more information, we suggest the book, “Women Reaching Women” compiled by Chris Adams, published by LifeWay Press, Nashville, TN, April 2006. To order online, visit