1 New Year’s Day (BCNY Office Closed)
15 MLK Day (BCNY Office Closed)
18 BCNY Foundation Trustees Quarterly MTG
21 Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (SBC)
29 Annual Conference Sub-committee of Convention Life Committee MTG
29 Administrative Committee MTG

3 Disaster Relief Training, Brooklyn NY
12-18 Focus on WMU (SBC)
17 Children’s Ministry Day (WMU)
19-20 SBC Executive Committee, Nashville, TN

1 BCNY Foundation / Undergrad & Theological Ed Scholarship Applications DUE
4-11 North American Missions /AAEO Week of Prayer
12 Administrative Committee MTG
17 NJ Net Association Mid-Year Meeting
18 Church Planting Emphasis Sunday (SBC)
23-24 Disaster Relief Training, Long Island NY
30 Good Friday (BCNY Office Closed)

1 Resurrection Sunday
8 Cooperative Program Sunday (SBC)
13 BCNY Executive Board MTG (Friday)
14 ACTIVATE MNYBA Mid-Year Meeting
19 BCNY Foundation Trustees Quarterly MTG
21 Frontier Baptist Association Mid-Year Meeting
27-28 Disaster Relief Training, Watertown NY
28 BCNY Women’s Conference, New Covenant, Canandaigua

4-5 Disaster Relief Training, Corfu NY
5 CNYBA Mid-Year Meeting
28 Memorial Day (BCNY Office Closed)

1-2 Disaster Relief Training, Saranac Lake NY
10-11 WMU Annual Meeting Celebration, Dallas TX
12-13 SBC Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX

19 BCNY Foundation Trustees Quarterly MTG
13 BCNY Administrative Committee MTG
25 BCNY Executive Board MTG (Saturday)
1 BCNY Foundation / Theological Ed Scholarship Applications Due
3 Labor Day (BCNY Office Closed)
15 BCNY Women’s Missions/Ministry Conference, Passaic NJ
17-18 SBC Executive Committee, Nashville TN
16-23 BCNY State Missions Offering/Disaster Relief & Week of Prayer
23-25 BCNY 49 th Annual Conference

1-31 Cooperative Program Emphasis (SBC)
6 ELEVATE MNYBA Annual Meeting
14 Global Hunger Sunday (SBC)
18 BCNY Foundation MTG
20 Frontier Baptist Association Annual Meeting
NJ Net Association Annual Meeting
CNYBA Annual Meeting
26-27 Living Proof Live Women’s Conference (Albany)

1 BCNY Foundation Scholarship Applications Solicited from Pastors & Churches
4 Disaster Relief Appreciation Day (SBC)
11 Propel Church Planting Conference (Rochester)
22-23 Thanksgiving (BCNY Offices Closed)

2-9 International Missions Week of Prayer LMCO
24-31 Christmas Season (BCNY Offices Closed)

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